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Zai Cargo is an international TSA and FMC approved cargo and logistics company with more than two decades of expertise, providing courier and ocean package shipping services, import and export solutions, NVOCC service, ground transportation and storage, and warehouse options with offices in the Unites States, South America, and Europe. Our passion for logistics drives us to provide a trusted, competitive, and customer-oriented service for you and your business.

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Our good work and integrity characterize us before our providers and customers.


We work to do what we promise.


We perform our processes in a fast and secure way.


Zai Cargo provides domestic and international parcel and general cargo transportation worldwide.


Courier Package Shipping

Receive your packages and documents quickly and safely. Our Courier Package Shipping Service reduces distances. Call us for more information.

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Ocean Package Shipping

This service for large, heavy and non-urgent packages, is consolidated and shipped weekly or biweekly depending on the country of destination. We also pick up at your house.


Container Shipping – NVOCC

Our NVOCC license with the FMC allows us to have contracts with major ocean shipping companies with which we handle containers to different world destinations.


Warehousing and Distribution

We store your merchandise in an effective way in our warehouses to facilitate handling and thus speed up dispatch at the time you require it for distribution or for the delivery of your products.


Import and Export

We handle your products or machinery as they were ours. Our team of professionals carefully handles the process from the pickup in the origin, until it is delivered to the consignee. Call us and we will gladly assist you.


International PO Box

From United States or Europe stores to your home. Open your International PO Box free of charge, make your purchases online, send it to your International PO Box and we will deliver to you home. Visit for more information.


Freight Shipping

Our long experience and continuous training in general cargo transportation gives to our clients the confidence of the right merchandise management we provide. Whether air, ground, FTL or LTL we do it. Contact us for more information.

Certifications and Memberships

Transportation Security Administration
Federal Maritime Commission
United States Department of Transportation
IATA Accredited Agent
WCA World
If you are not close to us, we can still pick up


If you are not near us, we can pick up your package

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